With the increasing use of the internet in daily markets and trade, it is imperative to expand awareness of safe use of the Internet and further information including the commercial world. In this context, the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction in cooperation with the Greek Police and the Department of Electronic Crime and the National Confederation of Greek Commerce, proceeded to implement the platform of innovative actions under the name «FeelSafe». The objective is to jointly systematic and scientific study of issues and problems that arise for the trade and consumers of electronic transactions, to inform retailers and consumers about online risks and safe use of the internet to trade and shopping online

In this context, implemented the website www.cyberalert.gr/feelsafe and innovative application for iOS & Android “FeelSafe” which will be a key step information for consumers and members of National Confederation of Greek Commerce, since the majority of users, uses “smart” mobile phones in everyday life.

In this platform will be presented in a direct way instructions to avoid electronic fraud by category. The combination of this information with online complaints line (SOS) and the daily briefing by specialist officers of Department of Electronic Crime, for current pitfalls – fraud is considered crucial to accurate and timely information to citizens.

Further goal is the constantly updated through innovative actions and web applications of 630,000 commercial enterprises safe use topics of the internet and secure management of e-commerce, a process which will be a tool for development and increased productivity and e-commerce by accelerating the disposal of products in the “digital” market.